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2019 GLLL Lacrosse Spring Season  Lacrosse · Any

Spring 2019
2019-04-28 00:00:00.0
Registration Dates:
2018-09-24 – Sun Dec 02 23:59:59 EST 2018 regular
Mon Dec 03 00:00:00 EST 2018 – 2019-02-01 late

8 game regular season and 2-3 games at league tournament

Team Fees
Regular 2500.0 per team + 6.2% Processing Fee
Late 2800.0 per team + 6.2% Processing Fee


The Great Lakes Lacrosse League's mission is to provide a competitive league for teams in the upper midwest who want to play in a well organized league outside of NCAA restrictions and without the expense of being a 'virtual varsity'. Playing more and traveling less is our formula for a great lacrosse season. Our league is comprised of 41 teams from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Michigan. Most games are with teams in close proximity. This format minimizes travel costs and unnecessarily long road trips. Players in the GLLL all love the sport but have demanding academic and other personal obligations, and find a more reasonable commitment in time and money is the right fit for them.

League Play:

The league is dedicated to providing a great schedule of games while keeping expenses and travel time to a minimum. Scheduling is performed centrally, shortly after the annual league meeting, where teams indicate their travel and availability preferences. This is a significant benefit to the member teams, who no longer have to coordinate their entire season schedules with all of their opponents. At the league meeting (and throughout the season) each team has a voice to suggest and ratify any changes to our operating rules. League play consists of several mini-tourneys per season where multiple teams play each other at one site. Playing two games in a day allows teams to get their regular season schedule of about eight games done in four or five days over five weekends in the spring. The season culminates in the championship tournament weekend in which all teams participate and are seeded by regional rankings. The league is grouped into six regions. Each regional champion recieves a plaque for their season and the top teams from each region [plus next 2 highest ranked teams] compete for the championship title while the remaining teams compete in a consolation bracket. Trophies are awarded for first through third in both championship and consolation brackets. This format allows both strong teams and developing programs a more competitive experience. 

Dues and fees:

Full expenses for each team's 2018 season will be $2500, which includes league dues, official's fees for eight games, and all tournament fees (three games guaranteed). Again, it is our goal to keep expenses near this low amount so teams can concentrate on playing lacrosse and not fundraising.

League Notes:

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